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    Receive top-notch exterior or interior lime washing services in or near Ann Arbor, MI

    TrueCoats, LLC provides top-notch interior and exterior lime washing services to residential and commercial clients in and near Ann Arbor, MI. We will work closely with you to understand your needs to help you achieve the look you desire for your home or business—and keep it looking great and protect your exteriors for years to come!

    What is Lime Washing?

    Lime washing brick is a time-honored technique that offers a distinct alternative to traditional painting. Unlike paint, which can obscure the natural texture and character of brick, lime washing enhances the brick’s inherent beauty while also providing a fresh, breathable finish. The process involves applying a mixture of slaked lime, water, and pigments onto the brick’s surface. As the lime mixture penetrates the porous surface of the brick, it creates a soft, muted appearance that gracefully ages over time with a charming patina. Lime washing allows for a nuanced play of light and shadow on the brick, adding depth and dimension to the architecture. This method not only preserves the brick’s authenticity but also offers the flexibility to experiment with a range of hues, from subtle neutrals to bolder tones, all while maintaining the brick’s integrity and allowing it to breathe naturally.

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