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  • Interior Painting Makeover in Brighton, MI

    Drywall Installation and Interior Painting Revitalize Oak Point Villa Home

    The Challenge

    This project required extensive new drywall work, priming, and painting all the ceilings, along with the preparation and painting of the entire interior trim package, custom-built cabinet painting, and a fresh finish coat on all the walls. The goal was to transform the interior into a vibrant and welcoming space.

    How We Helped

    Over the course of three weeks, TrueCoats Painting meticulously handled every detail. We expertly installed and primed the new drywall, painted the ceilings, and carefully prepared and painted the trim and custom cabinets. Each wall received a beautiful, fresh finish coat.

    The Result

    The interior was transformed into a lively and inviting space, perfectly tailored to our client’s vision. Our dedication and craftsmanship truly brought this home to life.

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