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  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting Transformation in Brighton, MI

    Previous kitchen cabinet painting with brush and roller didn't meet Pine Creek home's high standards.

    The Challenge

    A client, urgently needing to prepare their home for potential buyers, reached out to us on their Realtor’s recommendation. The kitchen cabinets, previously painted with brush and roller, didn’t meet the high standards required to stage a million-dollar home.

    How We Helped

    We sprang into action, degreasing all the cabinets to ensure a clean surface. Next, we applied two coats of a shellac-based primer for a solid foundation. Finally, we top-coated the cabinets in a stunning satin white, using a sprayed finish for a flawless, professional look.

    The Result

    The transformation was remarkable. The kitchen cabinets now exude a pristine, high-end appeal, making the home far more attractive to potential buyers. The client was thrilled with the outcome, and their home is now ready to impress.

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