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  • Revitalizing Brick Lime Washing in Ann Arbor, MI

    A refreshed exterior with a new brick color that harmonizes with the house's overall look.

    The Challenge

    The house faced several challenges including the need for a thorough pressure washing, replacing rotten wood throughout the exterior, and updating the color of the brick without compromising its breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

    How We Helped

    We began by giving the house a comprehensive pressure washing to clean and prepare the surfaces. Next, we meticulously replaced all rotten wood sections and proceeded to paint the doors, trim, and siding, ensuring a fresh and cohesive appearance. For the brick, we used Keim Mineral Masonry Paint, a specialized product that allows the brick to breathe and wick moisture properly, crucial for maintaining the integrity of the exterior over time.

    The Result

    The transformation was not only cosmetic but also functional. The updated exterior now boasts a revitalized appearance with a new color on the brick that complements the rest of the house. Thanks to Keim Mineral Masonry Paint’s advanced technology and 20-year warranty, the homeowners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their exterior is not only beautiful but also protected against moisture damage in the long term.

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